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“This, above all, to refuse to be a victim” Statistics today indicate that a large number of people may come into contact with some form of violence and physical threat in their lives How safe are women when we leave for work in the wee hours of morning, or leave for home after office late in the evening? In local or public transport or while in transit? In auto rickshaws or taxis? Anywhere? The only way we can refuse to be victims is to use what we have, at all times and at all circumstances – ourselves, our alertness, our presence of mind and our limbs – which we grossly underestimate We remind ourselves of Self Defence – the technique to prevent ourselves from getting exploited, to be able to fight back, and to get that chance which will turn the tables on the attacker / offender What is Self Defence? It is the knowledge of certain techniques and movements based on the weakest points of opponent/attackers which, when applied, will impose harm - the slightest window which may give us the lifeline of escape. One need not be a martial art expert to know and practice them. Short Term Self Defense Programme Short Term Self Defense programme at IOKMA prepares participants to cope against any kind of physical threat such as assault, rape or any kind of threatening situation. The programme offers alertness and reflex development exercises, escape and evasion techniques against body assaults Defense against attack with weapons. This programme is especially relevant for a working woman in today’s world and can help her feel more prepared, alert and self confident. This course can be held once or twice a week and includes demonstration of techniques, stimulation and role play, participants will practice what is taught and participants will be made to act as they would in a real life situation.

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