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Fundamental Course (Age 3+ onwards): Our fundamental course is an accessible, creative and relaxing introduction to the basic skills of drawing and colouring.In this course students are taught the fundamentals of drawing, and colouring such as lines, shapes,etc.They will achieve a good understanding of forms by first learning to draw various geometric shapes and single objects.This course gives an opportunity to indentify the names of different colours such as lemon yellow, medium yellow, deep yellow, yellow orcher,etc. Course Detail 1, lines 2, Shapes 3, Easy Drawing 4, Name of Colours 5, Method of colour applycation Intermediate Course (Age 5+ onwards): This course creates the opportunity for children to explore their artistic talent, allowing them to develop the passion for art and to explore their creativity through drawing and colouring. They will be taught colour mixing techniques and colour values.Students will be taught the techniques of using various mediums, such as pastel, pencil, colour pencil, acrylic paint,or watercolour. Course Detail 1, lines & Shapes 2, Nature Drawings 3, Creative Composition 4, Primary Colour, Secondary Colour 5, Family Colours 6, Mixing Colours 7, Light & Shadow Advanced Course (Age 13+ onwards): This course is designed for students who have either completed our Intermediate course or already have some experience of drawing, and want to take their skills to the next level. Over the course, students will explore drawing from observation, memory and imagination, thereby developing a deeper understanding of drawing and greatly enhancing drawing skills.Through various drawing approaches including still life, perspective drawing, anatomy of animals, birds and human,they will learn to explore and understand line, tone, measurement, texture and composition. Course Detail 1, Pen Drawing 2, Texture 3, Light & Shadow 4, Pencil Shading 5, Colour Pencil 6, Poster Colour 7, Acrylic Painting 8, Water Colour



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